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Archives for 2007

Headaches: Causes and Promising Solutions

Chronic headaches are a mystery to most of us. Why they occur seems to be the most common question. Some patients' headaches can be easily explained, but many seem to get headaches for no apparent reason. An often overlooked cause of headaches is the spine and spinal trauma. How does this occur?Delicate connective tissue link [..]

Whiplash and the Risks and Protections from Car Seats

Car seats have become more and more advanced over the years with newer models having integrated side impact airbags. While side impact bags are important for side impacts, the most unprotected direction to protect from is the rear end. The mainstay of protection for the rear impact is the headrest. But if not positioned properly, [..]

The Problem of a Low Back Problem

If you watch much television or have paid a visit recently to a family medical doctor for low back pain, the information you're getting may be a flawed. For example, you've probably been told that back problems are not very serious and that the problem is quickly cured with simple treatments, such as going back [..]

Carpal Tunnel and its Diagnosis

If you see a server at your favorite restaurant or a cashier at your local grocery store with a brace on their wrist and ask them what's wrong, chances are their reply will include these three words: carpal tunnel syndrome.For many patients with carpal tunnel symptoms like wrist pain, wearing a brace can be a [..]

Fibromyalgia is a Global Problem

What is meant by describing fibromyalgia as a global problem? Well, it does occur in many countries around the world, but more to the point, fibromyalgia is only one piece of a complex full-body puzzle. Patients with fibromyalgia will report widespread pain in the neck, back, and in other areas, but there's also much more [..]

Headaches From Forward Head Posture

John Q. Public has been trained to believe that a headache is a problem in the head and relief comes in a bottle.While it's true that pain medications can bring relief for a pounding headache, they rarely get at the actual cause of the problem. You have to also consider the long-term problems that can [..]

The Silent Whiplash

If you've watched small kids tumble and play, it can seem pretty rough to an adult. As we age, we know that balancing on our heads or whipping our necks around can only cause trouble. Most adults understand this point but seem to think children are more immune to problems for some reason. But is [..]

The Emotional Impact of Low Back Pain

This article discusses how anger and emotional expression may affect your back pain. For years, many medical doctors thought back pain was more of an issue in the brain than the spine. Research has shown this to be the case in many who are disabled from work. But mechanical sprain injuries of the spine are [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the Neck

Over the decades, we have come to expect that a pain or tingling in the hand and wrist means there is a local injury in the area. However, people can also develop wrist and hand symptoms that mimic carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) following a whiplash injury or sprain/strain of the neck. These patients may not [..]

Fibromyalgia?...Got Blood?

The pain of fibromyalgia (FM) can be debilitating. What has perplexed researchers over the years is the source of this pain. Is it scarred muscle tissue? Nerve pain? Is it something in your head? Perhaps the adrenal glands are involved or maybe it’s the stress hormone called cortisol?It is well known that exercise eases the [..]